Weight Management Program

how_do_you_get_full_benefit_of_exercise Weight Management Program

This monthly plan includes both Weight Gain and Weight Loss program. You can go for plan whichever is required by your body. By Eating Right, we can maintain a healthy weight and here we don’t mean regular low calorie or high calorie diets to be followed. By collecting the necessary details from you like your food preferences, taste, lifestyle, diet and exercise routine, habits, timings, constraints, medical history, digestion, height, weight, age, gender, body measurements, and your health target. On the basis of these we create a personalized plan to achieve your peak wellness goals, whether they be to lose weight, build lean body mass, decrease blood pressure, reduce sugar levels, cure PCOD, make better choices with food, improve sports performance, or just feel healthier. We'll suggest you foods which can be easily prepared at home or you can get from near by available market.

By the resources we provide to you, you can achieve the goals we set together. (Our service works on e-mail only).

• Bimonthly diet chart (once in 15 days) will be provided.

• Follow up will be done 2 times a week to know if you are on the right track.

• You can also write to us if you have any query or you face problem while following the plan. We’ll revert you immediately.

Highlights of our plans:

Diet Plans are designed specifically to suit your food preferences, timings, and constraints.

In case, you have any medical ailments, the diet plan will work as an aid to treat/control the issue along with side weight loss.

• Foods can be easily prepared at home or arranged from the nearest food store.

We’ll take follow up 2 times a week.

We are easily accessible over mail. You can share limitless number of emails with us.

We’ll not suggest any supplements to weight gain or loss or to cure any disease with tablet/supplement. Every food we suggest, will be 100% natural and herbal.

There is no side- effects of our diet plans. If any dietary product doesn’t suit you, do inform us. We’ll suggest some other best alternative for that particular food.

 Diet Consultation Package : 

Weight management program is for 1 Month in which you’ll get bimonthly diet plans and biweekly follow ups to make sure you are on the right track.

( you are taking our services for 1st time, we’ll ask you to take weekly package first and check how it suits your targets. If you get satisfied, you can go for monthly program then. )

Charges are – 1999/-

NOTE: The service works on email only. For any query or more information, you can email us arogyaatman@gmail.com
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