how to lose weight Oct 07, 2019

How to lose weight

How To Lose Weight : Tips & Tricks

Losing weight is a long term treatment and it requires dedication to maintain the reduced weight . If you want permanent and effective weight loss, it’ll take some time, as there is no overnight solution to it. Motivation, proper eating habits and exercising are the essential factors in weight loss which will lead to good health.

reasons_of_weight_gain Oct 08, 2019

Reasons of weight gain

Reasons For Excessive Weight Gain

There are multiple reasons for excessive gain weight in both the sexes. At one side, people put on weight because they eat and drink more calories than they burn in their everyday routine, where in on the other hand, it may be due to health diseases like hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes or PCOS etc. Sometimes, excess weight gain may be the result of fluid retention. Which is also known as Oedema. Symptoms differ from person to person depending on the cause of weight gain.