how_do_you_get_full_benefit_of_exercise Oct 07, 2019

How Do You Get Full Benefit Of Exercise

Weight training does not affect women and men equally as both have different hormones secreted in their body. It is beneficial for women to do limited weight training or weightlifting a few days a week. This strengthens their muscles.

Through exercise, not only weight can be controlled but also to strengthen bones, control blood pressure and maintain heart health. Regular exercise also helps to keep away from depression and stress, consequently heart attack, , diabetes etc. With the help of exercise, the risk of diseases decreases and age increases. These things have been confirmed so far in various studies, but sometimes it’s been observed that many confusing things related to exercise sit in people's mind . To really take full advantage of exercise, we need to have the right information.

Myth - Pain in the body after exercise is bound to happen, only then it gets its benefit.

Fact – This is not true. If you feel pain while exercising, then it should be stopped there. Feeling excessive pain may indicate internal injury in the body or may also be the result of incorrectly exercised. If you know that there is an internal injury and in the course of its treatment, the doctor has advised to exercise, then the matter is different. People think that till the pain does not arise in the body after doing the workout, it is not effective but it is a fallacy. In fact, our body gets used to it by continuously exercising. One meaning of this is that our muscles become strong, so pain does not feel after doing intense exercise. Therefore, if there is excessive pain in the muscles or feel physically uncomfortable after the workout, then stop that exercise there. If you again experience pain after exercising, you should consult a health expert.

Myth - When you sweat excessively while exercising, the weight decreases rapidly.

Fact - This assumption is wrong. People think that when sweat comes out, body fat melts and weight is lost. This perception of fitness concierge women is reinforced by the advertisements of sweat belt companies. But the reality is that sweating is the biological reaction of excessive heat generated in our body, which normalizes the internal temperature of the body and cools down the skin. It is not fat but contains salts and other elements released by sweat gland. If you do not sweat excessively during exercise, it does not mean that it will not be helpful in weight loss. For this, along with exercise, control the food and drink. It is common to feel mild fatigue when exercising with a low calorie intake.

Myth - Weight training, weightlifting or dumbbell exercises make women's body look like that of men.

Fact - It is wrong to think. The truth is that if you are doing weightlifting with the intention of building muscles for bodybuilding then only this result will be achieved. According to experts, weight training does not affect women and men equally. Because both have different hormones secreted in their body. Actually, due to excess of testosterone hormone in the body of men, they show malevolent symptoms. Due to this hormone, the effect of weightlifting also differs on their body. Despite this, men also have to undergo a lot of hard weight training for a long period of time to build a body, then they get the desired results. The hormone called testosterone is secreted much less in the body of women than in men. Therefore, weight training exercises cannot replace their physique like men. It is beneficial for women to do limited weight training or weightlifting a few days a week. This makes their muscles strong. Limited weightlifting helps women to get a toned look.

Myth - After exercise we can eat whatever we want.

Fact - The truth is that along with exercise, it is very important to control food and drink. Only then it will be possible to control the weight. According to health experts, when we consume less calories than the calories we burn through exercise, then it is possible to lose weight. It would not be possible to lose weight if we consumed far more calories through sweets, ghee infused dishes, compared to the amount of calories we burned through exercise. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of weight loss, along with exercise, eating a diet of fruits and vegetables with less ghee oil is appropriate. Fruits contain natural sugar. Therefore, fruits that contain less calories should be consumed.

Myth - Exercise on an empty stomach is beneficial, it helps in burning fat.

Fact - Some people feel that doing an empty stomach workout in the morning helps in faster weight loss, while this has not yet been scientifically proven. In fact, we feel very tired by doing exercises on an empty stomach. Actually, fuel is also needed to strengthen the muscles of the body and burn calories. So it is beneficial to have some light breakfast for about an hour before doing the workout. It is called pre workout meal.

Myth - Nothing should be eaten till 2 hours after the exercise otherwise it does not benefit.

Fact - It is wrong to think so. The rationale behind this thinking is that through exercise we burn calories and when we eat something immediately after that, the attempt to burn calories becomes fruitless. The truth is that after exercise, the body needs food to regain energy and strengthen muscles. According to the advice of health experts, some healthy breakfast must be taken within half an hour of exercise. Eating the appropriate amount of protein is beneficial for muscle strengthening.

Myth - The more exercise you do, the better the fitness you get.

Fact - This is a misleading notion. According to health experts, it is beneficial for a normal person to do any kind of exercise for half an hour 5 days a week. This not only helps in weight control but also improves overall health. At the same time, energy is transmitted to the body and by doing different exercises during the alternating days, the body benefits. This helps in exercising all the muscles. Athletes should be categorized as an exception here. According to health experts, one and a half hours or more of daily exercise for a normal person causes physical discomfort. This causes muscle damage. If you are pursuing a specific goal related to fitness, then according to it, a special exercise will be required for a relatively long period.