herbs_and_spices_to_beath_colds_and_flu_this_winter Oct 07, 2019

Herbs and spices to beat colds and flu this winter

It is not a groundbreaking discovery that spices and herbs can do good for human health. These have been used as medicine for thousands of years. We are just becoming more aware of what we are doing. Since we feel we are losing control of what's going on in the world, we feel the need to revert back to more traditional ways of doing things, which makes this resurgence appear to be a trend. Selecting the right natural compounds may also provide extra help to fight off cold and flu during winter time. These herbs not only can help with digestive problems, but also with the little health troubles linked to the cold weather. This season, bring these additions to your kitchen and delight in the wonderful smells, tastes, and health advantages they offer..